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Casein Point Cheese

Casein Point Cheese provides sales, marketing and logistics management for artisanal cheese producers worldwide.

Over the last ten years, I have worked with specialty retailers and distributors across the United States and Europe, forming close working relationships while honing my industry expertise.

I work closely with the producer to get to know their history in cheese, place in the current market, and goals for the future. My objective is to develop a partnership with the producer, provide ongoing feedback on market performance, and strategize to achieve premium market growth.

I collaborate with all members of the cheese team, from distributor to corporate buyer to counter monger; ensuring all have accurate information on the cheese, its origin, and the requirements for appropriate care and handling. Working directly with retailers, restaurants, and key distributors, I can design promotional and marketing programs to suit the needs of any client.

Together we create a plan for sustainable growth based on forecast analysis, production capabilities and producer goals.

My focus is not only the initial sale of the cheese itself, but also the mission of the business, and developing a sustainable growth curve for my clients and their companies.

Samantha Chertoff

I have over ten years of experience in the cheese and specialty food industry. Beginning as a counter monger at Whole Foods, I deepened my understanding of the cheese industry as buyer at Cheese Plus in San Francisco.

Since then, I have worked for specialty distributors in the Bay Area and Western Pennsylvania, growing their businesses in outside sales roles. In my most recent position as Western Sales Manager for Columbia Cheese, I strategized sales, placement, and promotion of specialty items for the entire Western and Southwestern United States.

Casein Point Cheese enables me to utilize my industry experience to help small dairies grow and to preserve the art of small-batch cheese making. I align myself with partner producers who have strong missions and sustainable businesses.

What can Casein Point Cheese do for you?

Casein Point Cheese offers three main areas of service:



• Cheese consulting: I work with the producer to make sure the cheese is at it’s best, even when shipped across the country. I advise on aesthetics, technical qualities, packaging and pricing of cheese.
• Education: I advise customers on proper care and handling of cheese, working with mongers both behind the counter and in more formal staff education sessions.
• Increase sales: I coach on the introduction of additional items to existing customers and executing annual growth and promotion plans.
• Explore: I work to establish growth in current and new territories based on production capabilities and your company’s unique goals.


• Promotion: I develop and enhance branding strategies, work on point of sale material, run social media campaigns, and build partnerships with likeminded companies for meaningful promotions.
• Trade shows: I represent your company at industry events, ranging from local distributor shows to national showcases.



• Liaison: I facilitate between transportation companies and distributor or direct clients, researching and negotiating the best rate for areas of new growth.
• Flow: I track purchase orders, communicate with distributor clients on fluidity of sales, facilitate with regional customers on item availability and special ordering.


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Samantha Chertoff

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